Our personnel

Our personnel is a group of professionals with a combined experienced of more than 30 years in the transport industry with various academic and professional accomplishments of the highest standard.

Our drivers

Our drivers undergo rigorous and extensive training and background checks to ensure the utmost quality and professionalism expected at Mex-Cal. Not only must the drivers pass an extensive “60 point” experience, drug and background check, they each receive more than 50 hours of formal training in the latest technology before being able to provide service to our customers.

Company values



We appreciate that people seek to achieve the missions entrusted with honesty.


The truth sets us free, but the alternatives to success make us infallible.

The results

The results are what sustains our work, excuses are a deceptions trying to present them as results, the promises perhaps speak of your aspirations, your facts in results are testimonies of who you really are.

The attitude

Attitude is the openness with which you receive a mission until it becomes a concrete and demonstrable result.
Attitude keeps us awake to the possibility of achieving a result worthy of ourselves. Attitude is the magnet of successful results.